Steel wool 0000# 000# 00# 0# 1# 2# 3# 4#

SKU: 210112-46

#0000 Finest (For buffing and cleaning):

Buffs woodwork,shellac,lacquer and vamish.Cleans delicate instruments and fine tools.

#000 Super Fine (For buffing and polishing):

Buffs cabinetry and new wax finishes.Polishes aluminum,copper,brass ansd zinc.

#00 Extra Fine (For buffing and removing):

Buffs final finish on painted trim.Removes minor burns from wood and leather.Removes paint splatters.

#0 Fine (For cleaning anf scouring):

Cleaning tiles anf grout.Cleans tyres with scouring agents.Scours pots and cooking utensils using cleaning detergents.

#1 Mediun(For cleaning and perparing):

Cleans linoleum,rubber asphalt and other resilient floors,copper pipes and fittings.Prepares wood for primary coat of paint and smooths grain.

#2 Coarse (For cleaning and removing):

Cleans glass,rough metal anf stone surfaces.Removes rust and dirt from machinery anf garden tools.Removes scuff marks and wax from floors.

#3 Extra Coarse (For tough cleaning and removing):

Cleans heavy machinery and car engines.Removes old paint and varnish.

#4 Super Coarse (For tough cleaning and pest control):

Removes toughest rust,grime and paint.Clogs holes and cracks to block rodents,birds and other pests.